Updated May 7 2021

Forwarder Focus Directory

Forwarder Focus Directory is an initiative of Forwarder Focus Services

Enrolment is open to all involved in the forwarder/freight/shipping/mover/transport/cargo/logistics community

Join Forwarder Focus Directory

If you would like to be listed in the directory please download our application form from the link (top left) above and complete and return along with your company logo to us at dave@forwarderfocusconnexion.com

Free Email Marketing Campaigns

Join Forwarder Focus Directory and get free email marketing campaign(s) through our sister service Forwarder Focus Marketing - www.forwarderfocusmarketing.com

Two years membership entitles you to one free email marketing campaign - You save USD 160

Five years membership entitles you to two free email marketing campaigns - You save USD 320

The membership fee is:

  • USD 180 for two years membership - Includes one free email marketing campaign

  • USD 360 for five years membership - Includes two free email marketing campaigns

We promote the directory to more than 68,000 contacts in the forwarder/freight community through our monthly Forwarder Focus Directory mail out

New members are also listed on our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/forwarderfocusdirectory

We offer reduced fees :

  • If you sign up multiple locations at the same time

  • For our members we offer reduced fees for our Forwarder Focus Marketing service - www.forwarderfocusmarketing.com - Normally USD 240 and for our members USD 160 (one third less). We also offer further reduced fees for pre-paid multiple campaigns

  • Since the start of January 2018 we have run or we currently have scheduled more than 600 campaigns for our FFD members

Contact us at dave@forwarderfocusconnexion.com for any further information you may require

We look forward to your involvement

Dave FFD

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